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Anesthesia Options

Anesthesia Options

When it comes to anesthetics, there are several options and routes.


Let’s start with Topical options first. These are agents like creams- for example, numbing creams that are applied over the lips prior to lip filler placement.

Local anesthetics are ones that can be injected to numb the pain in a specific (or local) area. These are used for minor procedures, such as removal of lumps or bumps, skin excisions, etc.

Twilight sedation involved the use of oral medications, in conjunction with local or topical anesthetics, to have global (or systemic) effects. Patients can still breathe on their own and regulate their own airway.

General anesthesia utilizes inhaled or injectable anesthetics to have a systemic (or global) effect. This allows for the patient to be fully asleep throughout the procedure!

Together, we’ll determine the best anesthetic route for your desired procedure!

Anesthesia Options
Anesthesia Options
Anesthesia Options
Anesthesia Options

Anesthesia Risk

Anesthesia Risk

Everything in life has a risk.


But, it’s important to know what those risks are, and make calculated decisions.


When it comes to anesthesia, we like to minimize those risks as much as possible. But even then, some risks are more common than others.


The most common risks include:




Damage to the teeth

Lip laceration

Less common than that is nerve injury from patient positioning and allergic reactions.


We take EVERY possible precaution to ensure your safety.


For that reason, I only use board certified anesthesiologists!


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