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What is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?


Before we get into that, there are three other topics we should discuss:

1. Who needs a BBL? Who is a BBL candidate?
2. What’s the difference between a BBL and a buttock and lateral thigh lift/tuck?
3. How do you address the ptotic buttock?

A BBL, or Brazilian Buttock Lift, is performed by taking fat from one area (abdomen, back, flanks, arms, thighs, etc) by means of liposuctioning, processing it, and re-injecting it into the buttock through very small incisions.


How much fat is injected depends on your ideal buttock shape. You can choose to have upper, middle or lower pole fullness of your buttock. This addresses your buttock projection. In other words, when someone looks at your side profile- how much does your buttock project, or stick out. You can also have upper, middle, or lower pole fullness of your lateral hips. This defines your hip to waist ratio, and allows for a “figure of 8” or “snatched” appearance. Candidacy can be determined at the time of your consultation.

To address a ptotic buttock, or a buttock that “droops” downward, a lateral thigh and buttock lift may be the answer.
Buttock ptosis often happens from rapid weight gain and loss, age, and gravity. There is laxity of the buttocks’ suspensory ligaments that keep the buttocks in place. To correct this without augmenting size, we can lift the buttock with a well hidden incision that mirrors the natural shape of the buttock. Conversely, we can add significant volume to the buttock to “re-inflate” the size and create a “lift.”


Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) FAQ


A BBL essentially involves the harvesting (removal) of adiposity (fat) from one area and the grafting (transfer) of it to the buttock and/or lateral hips (to fill the hip dips). This also allows for the creation of a beautiful hip to waist (hip:waist) ratio.

Is it safe to get a BBL?


Yes, but with a safe surgeon.


Technique is EVERYTHING.


Make sure that you pick a cosmetic surgeon that has done countless BBLs, and don’t be afraid to ask whether they’ve had any complications! Transparency and honesty are key!

Are BBL results permanent?


Yes, but expect to keep approximately 60-80% of the newly added volume! About 20-40% of the transferred fat will be lost.

How big can you go?


It all depends on how much fat there is to harvest! It also really depends on how big of a buttock and lateral hips you desire to have! It’s different from patient to patient, and really tailored to your needs.

Dr Sean Satey FAQ

Buttock Implants

Buttock Implants

A common misconception is that buttock and breast implants are the same. In actuality, they’re not but do have a lot of things in common.


While both are made of silicone, the feel and texture are different.

Placement is through a small incision located in a well hidden spot within the gluteal cleft (or buttock crease). Most patients that proceed with buttock implants are patients that are not candidates for natural fat transfers (or Brazilian Buttock Lifts, BBLs).

Buttock Implants
Buttock Implants

Buttock Implants

How To Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Lower Body Lift

Lower Body Lift

Simply put, a lateral thigh tuck and a buttock tuck performed together make a lower body lift! Patients that will opt to undergo a lower body lift include massive weight loss patients (ie, post bariatric surgery patients), patients that have ptosis (or sag/droop) to the buttocks and/or lateral hips, or have extensive cellulite to the lateral thighs and buttocks.

A lower body lift is performed by removing excess skin and fat in the lateral thigh and buttock region.


The incision itself is designed to outline the upper aspect of the buttock as it transitions from the lower back. The goal is to have the incision well hidden within bikini or boxer lines.

Often times, I perform fat transfer to the buttock (BBL) to further augment the size of the buttock as well.


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