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Are Abdominal Etching Results Permanent?

Are Abdominal Etching Results Permanent?

The short answer is YES!

A key procedural step with abdominal etching is the use of VASER assisted liposculpting. This allows me to maximally remove fat and highlight the natural abdominal musculature!

Prior to your abdominal etching procedure, you’ll have some work to do- crunches and leg lifts. These will allow your rectus muscles to really delineate themselves which will make your surgery more successful!

What happens if you gain wait after surgery?

We maximally remove the subcutaneous fat (between the skin and muscles) as a part of the procedure. The fat that remains is the visceral fat- below your abdominal muscles and around your internal organs. Unfortunately, we can’t address the visceral fat with lipo. What may happen is that you may increase your abdominal girth. To get rid of it, you’ll need to diet and exercise!

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