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Female Abdominal Etching

The key to female abdominal etching is to highlight the underlying natural anatomy!

The rectus abdominal muscles- which help define the “packs”- are either 4-pack muscles or 6-pack muscles. What allows these rectus muscles to stand out are areas of natural depressions where the muscles fade and become solely connective tissue. These areas are known as inscriptions. In addition, there are two vertical counterparts- the Linea Alba and Semilunar Lines. The Linea Alba spans the midline- starting from the inferior (or bottom) portion of the chest (or sternum) and spans to the level of the umbilicus (or belly button).

The two complementing lines on either side of the Linea Alba are the Semilunar Lines. These help define the borders of the rectus abdominus muscles, and span from the bottom of the breast (inframammary crease) at the level of the areola/nipple line down to the groin creases.

The Linea Alba and Semilunar Lines help define a toned, athletic abdomen. Abdominal etching is performed through meticulous VASER assisted liposculpting!

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