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What is VASER?

Other than being a game changer in high definition liposculpting, VASER is an acronym. It stands for:


Amplification of


Energy at


VASER is an ultrasound assisted tool that emulsifies (or liquifies) the layers of fat which can then be liposuctioned, and used for fat transfers, such as Brazilian Buttock Lifts, or BBLs.

Unlike laser assisted liposculpting that kills the fat cells, VASER allows you to safely transfer healthy fat cells to other desired areas! The great thing about VASER is that it can be performed through the same poke hole incisions of liposcultping! Let’s also briefly review basic anatomy.

Most areas of your body have three distinct layers of fat: superficial (top layer), intermediate (middle layer), and deep (lowest layer). The deep layer of fat sits on the muscles.

Traditional (non-VASER) liposculpting is meant to debulk the deep fat layers.

VASER, on the other hand, can be performed throughout all three fatty layers.

VASER not only allows for maximal fat removal/extraction, but also introduces the realm abdominal etching which allow your muscle definition to come to life! We review how to address the skin after VASER assisted liposculpting in a different video, so make sure to check that out!

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