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What Are Drains?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A surgical drain is just a tool that helps collect fluid!

Whether you’re having a tummy tuck or liposculpting, there is always the creation of a “potential space.” For example, when I liposuction the fat, it creates a an “empty” or “potential space.” Now, our bodies are smart- they try to fill the space the best way they know how to- with fluid. That’s where the drains come in and drain that fluid. The removal process depends on several factors- color, character, quantity.

Initially, the effluent color is reddish. It’s often times confused with blood in the early post op period. However, it’s not- it’s a thin fluid (unlike blood), that looks more like Kool-Aid; this is called serosanguinous drainage. As time goes on, this color changes to more of a straw or apple juice color, and is called serous drainage. The goal is to have less than 30cc of thin, serous drainage in a 24 hour period prior to removal. My primary goal is to help you have an easy post-operative recovery, and to become the best version of you!

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